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Wooden Wand is the stage name of singer-songwriter James Jackson Toth,who has recorded under his given name as well as the name WAND. The style of music recorded by Toth and his many incarnations has drawn on a variety of both conventional and experimental folk and rock influences, including psychedelic folk, freak folk and indie.Though he was a significant player in the New Weird America trend of the early to mid-2000s along with Devendra Banhart, Akron/Family, Joanna Newsom, and collaborators The Vanishing Voice, Toth has been difficult to pigeonhole in one genre; recent releases have been identified as acid folk, free jazz, outlaw country, and country-tinged rock.[citation needed] Toth has appeared on labels including Kill Rock Stars, Ecstatic Peace!, Rykodisc, and Young God.

2004 – Buck Dharma (& The Vanishing Voice)

2004 – Harem of the Sundrum & The Witness

2004 – Xiao (& The Vanishing Voice)

2006 – Gipsy Freedom (& The Vanishing Voice)

2006 – Second Attention (& The Sky High Band)

2007 – James & The Quiet

2009 – Born Bad (Wand)

2010 – Death Seat

2011 – Briarwood (& The Briarwood Virgins)

2012 – Blood Oaths Of The New Blues

2013 – Wooden Wand & The World War IV (& The World War IV)

2014 – Azag-Toth

2014 – Farmer’s Corner

2017 – Clipper Ship

2017 – Toth’s Law. Volume 3

2017 – Toth’s Law

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