WC Edgar – Non-Conformist [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

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Honky Tonk. Just listen to the fiddle that opens “You Beat All I’ve Ever Seen” on WC Edgar Nonconformist—Deluxe. Screw Nashville pop. I first met WC Edgar about a year ago, near Houston, when I was on a several-thousand mile search for real country music. Outlaw music. Honky tonk music. An antidote to Nashville. He gave me one of his CDs and it blew me away. This one will blow YOU away. It’s a high water mark for where real country should be. Honky tonk because it embraces country music’s roots. Because WC sings from his heart. Because he pulls no punches in telling it as he sees it. Because he wraps his voice around every word, every instrument, every note with a George Jones sincerity and a, well, WC Edgar creativity. “What Would Hank Do?” The Grand Ole Opry is messed up, he sings. “The Opry Sucks” comes at you like a runaway train, flattens you with reality. He loves “Dixie,” but the “Bible Belt” hypocrites turn him off. And since Nashville “Sounds Like Shit to Me,” it’s time to go out and get “Drunk Loud & High.” In the honky tonk. You bet. Where you can find WC Edgar and honesty. Enjoy and savor the genuine—it don’t come around often enough.
(Neil Hamilton, author, Outlaws Still At Large!)

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