Vinegar Joe – Speed Queen Of Ventura: An Introduction To Vinegar Joe (2003)

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Although only together for two years (1972 – 1974), Vinegar Joe remains notable for launching the solo careers of Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer. Unless you were fortunate to own one of the original vinyl pressings of their three albums, it was impossible to get any back catalogue stuff. Nothing was re-issued on CD so it was only by way of second hand record shops that you had a chance to get your hands on any of their material. Until 2003 when Island released the rather excellent compilation CD ‘Speed Queen of Ventura – an introduction to Vinegar Joe’

1. See The World (6:17)
2. Circles (4:04)
3. Never Met A Dog (6:29)
4. Live A Little, Get Somewhere (5:21)
5. Speed Queen Of Ventura (7:04)
6. Angel (4:15)
7. Charley’s Horse (3:02)
8. Buddy Can You Share Me A Line (4:23)
9. Forgive Us (4:33)
10. No One Ever Do (4:10)
11. Fine Thing (3:36)
12. Talkin’ ’bout My Baby (3:47)
13. Proud To Be (A Honky Woman) (4:30)
14. Black Smoke From The Calumet (6:13)

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