Vibravoid – Psychedelic Blueprints Vol. 2 (2020)

Posted by Green on October 27, 2020as

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The best of 1994-2019 after the success of the first “Psychedelic Blueprints” collection – here comes volume 2. An amazing best of unreleased, alternative and promotional mixes from the last 25 years. “Psychedelic Blueprints vol. 2” is a storm of mind-blowing Psychedelia and illustrates the visionary music of the Vibravoid. Not only the visual aspects, the word “void” or the music of Vibravoid have been a major influence on the current psych- and retro-scene of the last years. Vibravoid is the first band to equally draw from 1960s Psychedelia and hometown Krautrock to set the blueprints of the postmodern rock scene. Vibravoid is the worldwide only consistently working psych-rock band of the last 30 years and the only psych-rock band that constantly released vinyl albums through the years 2000-2010


1. Adjustment (Alternative Master) (03:02)
2. Gravitation Zero (Alternative Mix) (12:20)
3. Alpha Wave (Alternative Mix) (02:19)
4. Vibrations from the Cosmic Void (Alternative Mix) (02:55)
5. Rheinflow (Alternative Version) (02:27)
6. The Legend of Doctor Robert (Alternative Mix) (03:49)
7. You Keep on Falling (Alternative Version) (05:37)
8. Om Gang Ganpataye Namah (Alternative Mix) (04:38)
9. World of Pain (Alternative Version) (03:14)
10. Sarveshaam Svastir Bhavatu (Alternative Mix) (02:23)
11. Wake up Before You Die (Alternative Mix) (07:26)
12. Your Mind Is at Ease (Alternative Mix) (22:30)

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