Vanderwolf – 12 Little Killers (2022)

Posted by Green on August 2, 2022as

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Vanderwolf’s music spans a wide-range of genres from global beats to hard blues to fragile balladry to prog-rock monstrosities and beyond. With a vast back catalogue of songs to release, Vanderwolf is set to get his wild and restless music out to the world.

Born in NYC, working in London and as of 2020 residing in Los Angeles, Max Vanderwolf has recorded several albums and countless songs. Most of them remain unreleased. Notably, he was vocalist and creative-force behind the semi-legendary London band, Last Man Standing, whose sole album in 2008 received plaudits from many including Mojo and Uncut.

Vanderwolf had been talked about thanks to his EP called Exception some time earlier. Because not only did we find Robert Wyatt and Daevid Allen but above all because the musician had bewitched us with his absolutely stunning universe. The time has come for confirmation with his new album titled 12 Little Killers.

And the title is well found because Vanderwolf offers us twelve introspective and vulnerable titles. The musician remains at ease in his music halfway between blues, folk and Americana with, among others, the introduction called “I Am Not A Mountain” as well as the vibrant “Ain’t Gonna Hurt”, “Stand By Your Fool” or “If This Is Love (Please Make It Stop)”.

With tailor-made arrangements notably highlighted on “Somethin 4 Nuthin” or on “The Existential Terrier”, Vanderwolf will explore the different flaws that lie dormant in us. He will challenge us with his intimate pen, despite everything having a universal touch, notably with “Walking Away” without forgetting “Aftermath” and the swirling “Headway” where he exorcises his own ills under a writing full of spleen and blues. With 12 Little Killers ending with a “Somebody’s Love Song”, Vanderwolf drives the point home even further with his inimitable style.

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