Van Morrison – Astral Weeks [Expanded & Remastered] (2015)

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Astral Weeks failed to make the charts when it was released in the fall of 1968. But 47 years later, the album has achieved a near-mythic status across generations of listeners who have “ventured in the slipstream” and fallen under the music’s spell. “Any best-of list is unthinkable – and worthless – without it,” writes Cory Frye in the album’s liner notes.

The four unreleased recordings that debut on this deluxe edition highlight the interplay between Morrison and the quartet that joined him in the studio – bassist Richard Davis, guitarist Jay Berliner, percussionist Warren Smith, Jr., and Modern Jazz Quartet drummer Connie Kay. These bonus tracks include the first take of “Beside You,” the full version of “Slim Slow Slider,” and a stripped back version of “Madame George” that emphasizes the vibraphone.

Van Morrison — vocals, acoustic guitar
John Payne — flute; soprano saxophone on “Slim Slow Slider”
Jay Berliner — classical and steel-string acoustic guitars
Richard Davis — double bass
Warren Smith, Jr. — percussion, vibraphone
Connie Kay — drums
Larry Fallon — string arrangements and conductor; harpsichord on “Cyprus Avenue”
Barry Kornfeld — acoustic guitar on “The Way Young Lovers Do”


1. Astral Weeks
2. Beside You
3. Sweet Thing
4. Cyprus Avenue
5. The Way Young Lovers Do
6. Madame George
7. Ballerina
8. Slim Slow Slider

9. Beside You (Take 1)
10. Madame George (Take 4)
11. Ballerina (Long Version)
12. Slim Slow Slider (Long Version)

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