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Posted by Green on March 7, 2020
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Few bands embodied the pure excess of the ’70s like Queen. Embracing the exaggerated pomp of progressive rock and heavy metal, as well as vaudevillian music hall, the British quartet delved deeply into camp and bombast, creating a huge, mock-operatic sound with layered guitars and overdubbed vocals. Queen’s music was a bizarre yet highly accessible fusion of the macho and the fey. For years, their albums boasted the motto “no synthesizers were used on this record,” signaling their allegiance with the legions of post-Led Zeppelin hard rock bands. In The Many Faces of Queen we will delve into the inner world of the legendary British foursome including their early recordings, collaborations and their fantastic repertoire. With remastered sound and fantastic artwork, The Many Faces Of Queen is an essential addition to your rock music collection. Disc One features early recordings by members of Queen including tracks by Smile, Larry Lurex (AKA Freddie Mercury), Eddie Howell featuring Brian May & Freddie Mercury and more. Disc Two features the songs of Queen as interpreted by rockers like Lemmy, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bob Kulick, Robin McAuley and many others. Disc Three includes symphonic interpretations of Queen classics like “Under Pressure,” Love Of My Life,” “We Are The Champions,” and, of course, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Disk 1 – The Many Faces Of Queen

1. Larry Lurex – Going Back (3:16)
2. Queen – Mad The Swine (3:19)
3. Eddie Howell, Brian May & Freddie Mercury – The Man From Manhattan (3:19)
4. Carmine Appice Feat. Brian May – Nobody Knew (Black White House) (4:48)
5. Larry Lurex – I Can Hear Music (3:19)
6. Smile – Step On Me (3:11)
7. Smile – April Lady (2:42)
8. Smile – Doin’ All Right (3:48)
9. Smile – Earth (3:59)
10. Smile – Polar Bear (3:56)
11. Eddie Howell, Brian May & Freddie Mercury – The Man From Manhattan (Back Again) (4:53)
12. Smile – Blag (3:17)

Disk 2 – The Songs

1. Robin McAuley, Bob Kulick & Ricky Phillips – I Want It All (4:07)
2. Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin & Marty Friedman – Sheer Heart Attack (3:28)
3. Tommy Aldridge & Rudy Sarzo – Another One Bites the Dust (3:25)
4. Bob Kulick, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer & Ricky Phillips – Save Me (4:10)
5. Paul Shortino, Bob Kulick & Nick Dio – We Will Rock You (2:04)
6. Carmine Appice, Robby Krieger, Bob Kulick & Michael Sherwood – We Are the Champions (3:39)
7. Lemmy, Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge & Bob Kulick – Tie Your Mother Down (3:46)
8. Jake E. Lee, Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice & Tony Franklin – Get Down Make Love (4:09)
9. Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Aldridge & Rudy Sarzo – Keep Yourself Alive (3:49)
10. James LeBrie, Bob Kulick & Ricky Phillips – One Vision (3:45)
11. John Bush, Jason Ian, Scott Ian & Zachary Throne – It’s Late (6:21)

Disk 3 – The Queen Symphony: A Night At The Orchestra

1. A Night at the Orchestra – We Will Rock You (6:02)
2. A Night at the Orchestra – Flash (2:43)
3. A Night at the Orchestra – Love Of My Life (3:18)
4. A Night at the Orchestra – Under Pressure (4:04)
5. A Night at the Orchestra – Don’t Stop Me Now (4:46)
6. A Night at the Orchestra – Killer Queen (5:04)
7. A Night at the Orchestra – Play The Game (3:32)
8. A Night at the Orchestra – Love Of My Life (For Piano & Orchestra) (2:47)
9. A Night at the Orchestra – Bohemian Rhapsody (6:15)
10. A Night at the Orchestra – We Are The Champions (3:24)

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