VA – Picnic – A Breath Of Fresh Air (1970)

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EMI Records launched the Harvest label in 1969 to take advantage of the progressive rock market, and like many record labels at the time, they produced a budget-priced showcase album of their artists. Their roster of artists was large and interesting enough to support a double album. The result was an eclectic mixture of traditional folk, hard rock, psychedelia and obscurities.


Side One:
01. “Into The Fire” (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Gillan/Glover) – Deep Purple (from LP “In Rock” SHVL 777)
02. “Mother Dear” (Barclay James Harvest) – Barclay James Harvest (from LP “Barclay James Harvest” SHVL 770)
03. “Embryo” (Waters) – Pink Floyd (no attribution; previously unreleased)
04. “Twisted Track” (Spedding/Brown) – The Battered Ornaments (from LP “Mantle-Piece” SHVL 758)
05. “Glenlogie” (Trad. arr. S. & D. Collins) – Shirley & Dolly Collins (from LP “Love Death and The Lady” SHVL 771)

Side Two:
06. “The Good Mr Square” (May/Waller) – Pretty Things (from LP “Parachute)” SHVL 774)
07. “Song Of The Ages” (H. Ash) – Roy Harper (from LP “Flat Baroque and Berserk” SHVL 766)
08. “This Worried Feeling” (Clempson/Poole) – Bakerloo (from LP “Bakerloo” SHVL 762)
09. “Eleanor’s Cake Which Ate Her” (Ayers) – Kevin Ayers (from LP “Joy of a Toy” SHVL 763)
10. “Again and Again” (Watt/Roy) – The Greatest Show On Earth (from LP “Horizons” SHVL 769)

Side Three:
11. “Water” (Coff/Minns/Smith/Sweeney) – Third Ear Band (from LP “Third Ear Band” SHVL 773)
12. “Terrapin” (Barrett) – Syd Barrett (from LP “The Madcap Laughs” SHVL 765)
13. “A Glade Somewhere” (Welham/Allenby/Welham) – Forest (from LP “Forest” SHVL 760)
14. “Golden Country Kingdom” (Brown/Mullen) – Pete Brown & Piblokto! (from LP “Things May Come and Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever” SHVL 768)
15. “Round and Round” (W.Shade) – Panama Limited (from LP “Panama Limited Jug Band” SHVL 753)

Side Four:
16. “Black Sheep of the Family” (Hammond) – Quatermass (from “Quatermass” SHVL 775)
17. “Postcards of Scarborough” (Chapman) – Michael Chapman (from LP “Fully Qualified Survivor” SHVL 764)
18. “Maybe My Mind (With Egg)” (Daw/Phillips) – Tea & Symphony (from LP “An Asylum For The Musically Insane” SHVL 761)
19. “Old Gopher” (S. Broughton) – Edgar Broughton Band (from LP “Sing Brother Sing” SHVL 772)

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