VA – Like Black Holes in the Sky – The Tribute to Syd Barrett (2008)

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Dwell Records specializes in the nexus point where grunge, noise, psychedelia, and, most importantly, metal meet. Fitting then that they would release this tribute comp to Syd Barrett, the madcap wonder boy who in the late ’60s had a hand in inspiring all those genres. The collection features artists who run the metal gamut. Stoner legends Pentagram deliver a dynamic “Flaming” while trance-metallers Jesu drive “Chapter 24” deeper into the cosmos than Pink Floyd ever did. Prog-metal kings Yakuza tackle “Lucifer Sam” while noisy underground dwellers Stinking Lizavetta lay a guitar-heavy “Matilda Mother.” Some versions are better than others, but taken as a whole LIKE BLACK HOLES IN THE SKY proves the modern reach of Barrett’s vision and the breadth of his songwriting.



01 Kosmos – Vegetable Man
02 Kylesa – Interstellar Overdrive
03 Intronaut – Arnold Layne
04 Stinking Lizaveta – Matilda Mother
05 Jarboe – Late Night
06 Pentagram – Flaming
07 Giant Squid – Octopus
08 Yakuza – Lucifer Sam
09 Jesu – Chapter 24
10 Unearthly Trance – Long Gone
11 Dredg – Astronomy Domine
12 Circle – Rats
13 Zodiak – See Emily Play

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  • Stu says:

    Many thanks Green for sharing this wonderful album, it is very much appreciated my friend.

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