VA – Gathered From Coincidence: The British Folk-Pop Sound Of 1965-66 (2018)

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Across three CDs and 79 tracks, Gathered From Coincidence examines every aspect of the British mid- Sixties folk-pop boom, incorporating Dylan-inspired singer / songwriters with a commercial pop sensibility, the more introverted beat groups, Marianne Faithfull-inspired female chanteuses and R&B hoodlums in newly-pensive mode, all bound together by the 6 or 12-string thrum or Rickenbacker clang. Ranging from massive chart hits to records that barely sold in double figures, Gathered From Coincidence includes the true believers, the musical dilettantes, the young wannabes, the cash-in merchants, the old guard looking to resuscitate a fading career and, of course, the earnest protest singers – and, just for good measure, we’ve also rounded up a handful of folksploitation discs fromthose positioning themselves for roughly three minutes as anti-protest protesters. With a significant number of tracks making their CD debut and even a couple of previously unissued cuts, Gathered From Coincidence is a fascinating, even revelatory overview of a still largely-neglectedstitch in pop’s unending tapestry: that curiously downbeat two-year period between the dying embersof the beat boom’s irresistible exuberance and the arrival of psychedelia’s swirling multi-coloured hues. It features The Searchers, Peter and Gordon, Marianne Faithfull, Donovan, The Kinks, Manfred Mann etc.

CD 1:
01. Searchers The – Take Me For What I’m Worth
02. Peter & Gordon – Morning’s Calling
03. Marianne Faithful – Come And Stay With Me
04. Tony Jackson Group The – Follow Me
05. Terry Kennedy & John Carter – It’s Your Turn To Cry
06. The Fenmen – Rejected
07. The Poets – I Love Her Still
08. The Kytes – Frosted Panes
09. Twinkle – Golden Lights
10. The Chosen Few – I Won’t Be Round You Anymore
11. The Factotums – Absolutely Sweet Marie
12. Kenny Bernard – Hey Woman
13. The Caravelles – Hey Mama You’ve Been On My Mind
14. The Zombies – Don’t Go Away
15. The Beatmen – Now The Sun Has Gone
16. The Times – Think About The Times
17. Michael Leslie – Penny Arcade
18. Marc Bolan – Beyond The Risin’ Sun
19. Olivia Newton-John – Till You Say You’ll Be Mine
20. Mirage The feat Graham Nash – Go Away
21. The Knack – It’s All Leading Up To Saturday Night
22. Five Steps Beyond – You’ve Cooled
23. The Epics – There’s Just No Pleasing You
24. Gullivers People – Spleandour In The Grass
25. The Foresters – Mr Smith
26. The Cops ‘N Robbers – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

CD 2:
01. Other Side The – Like A Rolling Stone
02. Barbara Ruskin – Well, How Does It Feel
03. David & Jonathan – Lovers Of The World Unite
04. Donovan – Catch The Wind
05. Alan Klein – Age Of Corruption
06. Guy Darrell – Blessed
07. Gary Benson – That Man’s Got No Luck
08. Hedgehoppers Anonymous – It’s Good News Week
09. Dave Helling – Bells
10. The Hollies – Very Last Day
11. Bill Fay – Sometime Never Day
12. The Slade Brothers – Don’t You Cry Over Me
13. Folk Blues Incorperated – When The Ship Comes In
14. The Ugly’s – Wake Up My Mind
15. Nicholas Hammond – Please Don’t Switch Off The Moon Mr. Spaceman
16. Micha – The Protest Singer
17. The Four Pennies – Square Peg
18. First Gear – Gotta Make Their Future Bright
19. Murray Head – The Bells Of Rhymney
20. Jonathan King – Don’t Talk To Me Of Protest
21. Five’s Company – Dejection (Demo)
22. Mick Softley with The Summer Sons – That’s Not My Kind Of Love
23. The Sorrows – Don’t Sing No Sad Songs For Me
24. Tommy Yates – Rattle Of A Toy
25. John Cassidie – Talkin’ Denmark Street
26. The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Times They Are A-Changin

CD 3:
01. The Silkie – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
02. The Kinks – Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
03. Peter Nelson – Don’t Make Promisise (You Can’t Keep)
04. Adam Faith – Cheryl’s Going Home
05. Manfred Mann – If You Gotta Go, Go Now
06. Davey Graham – I’m Looking Through You
07. Jon-Mark – Night Comes Down
08. The Settlers – Early Morning Rain
09. Greta Ann – Sadness Hides The Sun
10. Dana Gillespie – Thank You Boy
11. The Compromise – Love Minus Zero No Limit
12. Justin Hayward – Day Must Come
13. Meic Stevens – The Clown In The Alley
14. The Frugal Sound – I’m On Your Side
15. The Pretty Things – London Town
16. Beverley – Picking Up The Sunshine (aka Bert’s Blues)
17. The Nightshift – Corrina Corrina
18. Sarah Jane – Listen People
19. Chad & Jeremy – Four Strong Winds
20. The Greenbeats – So Sad To Watch Good Love Go Bad
21. Heinz with The Wild Boys – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
22. Ramblers Two The – Today Is The Highway
23. The Overlanders – Love Is Strange
24. Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas – Subterranean Homesick Blues
25. The Shadows – Mary-Anne
26. The Seekers – The Carnival Is Over
27. The Tony Hatch Sound – Theme from Crossroads

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