VA – Come Join My Orchestra The British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-73 (2018)

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When Paul McCartney – who arguably kick-started the whole baroque pop genre when he recorded the likes of ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ with pivotal strings arrangements – made his oft-quoted remark that pop was the classical music of the 20th Century, perhaps he meant it in a more literal sense than anyone realised at the time. In the immediate wake of ground-breaking albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver and Pet Sounds, the British and American music scenes became increasingly ambitious and cerebral. As the major recording studios becoming ever more sophisticated, a new generation of musicians and producers sought to emulate the backroom auteur status of Brian Wilson or the symbiotic relationship between George Martin and The Beatles. A new, more melancholic strain was introduced into British pop: expansive orchestral arrangements merged with the burgeoning psychedelic mind-set to create such studio-bound masterpieces as Days Of Future Passed and (of course) Sgt Pepper, with harpsichords, oboes, flutes, recorders and French horns providing a moody, introverted chamber pop flourish. Wilson and The Left Banke led the way in the US, but Britain was also awash with acts mining the baroque pop seam. Honeybus, The Zombies, Donovan, Nirvana and many others made significant recordings in that field, fusing mournful minor chord melodies with fey vocals, ornate arrangements and what had previously been considered non-rock instrumentation..Come Join My Orchestra covers British baroque pop’s formative years and its integration into a wide variety of genres, ranging from Johnny McEvoy’s exquisitely sculpted take on traditional pop balladry and a clutch of dyed-in-the-wool folkies (Ian Campbell, Bert Jansch etc) to McCartney acolytes (Fickle Pickle, Mike Batt, the Gerry Rafferty-led Humblebums) and symphonic/art rock bands like Procol Harum and Barclay James Harvest. Many recordings making their first appearance on CD and two tracks (by The Regime and The Mellow Yellow)


01. Al Jones – Come Join My Orchestra
02. The Honeybus – (Do I Figure) In Your Life
03. Clifford T Ward – Coathanger
04. The Strawbs – Poor Jimmy Wilson
05. The Freedom – The Better Side
06. Michael Blount – Acorn Street
07. The Toast – Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
08. Gilbert – Disappear
09. Tony Hazzard – The Sound Of The Candyman’s Trumpet
10. Picadilly Line – Your Dog Won’t Bark
11. John Williams – Can’t Find Time For Anything Now
12. Bert Jansch – Woe Is Love, My Dear
13. The Matchmakers – Sandy
14. Jonathan Gill – Isandula Road
15. Genesis – Am I Very Wrong
16. The Money Jungle – Away, Away
17. Warm Sounds – Sticks And Stones
18. The Alan Brown! – You’re Not In My Class
19. Curved Air – Melinda (More Or Less)
20. Edward Jenkins – I’m Going Home
21. Neil MacArthur – Don’t Try To Explain
22. Stackridge – Everyman
23. Deep Feeling – Do You Love Me
24. Festival – Today
25. The Ian Campbell Group – Private Harold Harris
26. Five Steps Beyond – Not So Young Today


01. The Searchers – Popcorn, Double Feature
02. The Rockin’ Berries – Barterers And Their Wives
03. Julian Brooks – Justine
04. The Bliss – Courtyards Of Castile
05. Barclay James Harvest – Mother Dear
06. The Orange Bicycle – Competition
07. Mike Batt – I See Wonderful Things In You
08. Bill Fay – Doris Comes Today
09. Bridget St John – Yep
10. Billy Nicholls – This Song Is Green
11. Chris Neal – Cherrybelle
12. Wil Malone – I Could Write A Book
13. Offspring – Windfall
14. Audience – Poet
15. The Regime – Dear Amanda
16. John Pantry – Battle Of Trafalgar
17. Forever Amber – Letters From Her
18. Andy Ellison – It’s Been A Long Time
19. Paper Bubble – Fillin’ A Gap
20. Nirvana – Illinois
21. Johnny McEvoy – Father Dickens
22. The Annie Rocket Band – A Little Smile On Christmas Morning
23. Barry Booth & His Orchestra – He’s Very Good With His Hands
24. The Majority – Charlotte Rose
25. Angel Pavement – Genevieve
26. Procol Harum;; Edmonton Symphony Orchestra – Luskus Delph
27. Marc Brierley – The Answer Is


01. Fickle Pickle – Saturday
02. Donovan – Writer In The Sun
03. The Zombies – A Rose For Emily
04. The Humblebums – Rick Rack
05. The Freshmen – She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
06. Kes Wyndham – Broker Bicycle
07. The Factotums – Cloudy
08. Simon, Plug & Grimes – I’ll Keep Smiling
09. The Move – On A Monday Morning
10. The U-No-Who – Strange People
11. Edwards Hand – If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind
12. Clive Sands – Picture On The Wall
13. Lea Nixon – New Kind Of Feeling
14. Chris Baker – Only Fooling
15. Harmony Grass – Mrs Richie
16. A & A North – Rosemary
17. Peter Sully – Row Row Row
18. The Spencer Davis Group – Time Seller
19. Katch 22 – Thoughts On A Rainy Day
20. The Mellow Yellow – Tuesday
21. Grapefruit – This Little Man
22. Sheridan/Price – Face In My Window
23. Muffin – Smokey Blue’s Away
24. Richmond – Breakfast
25. Agincourt – All My Life
26. Elliot Mansions – Shades And Shadows
27. John George – Goodbye

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