Tyler Deaver – Heartland Heartbeat (2022)

Posted by Thomas on August 5, 2022as


1.01 – Tyler Deaver – If The Devil Looks Like You (3:07)
1.02 – Tyler Deaver – Farm Towns (3:56)
1.03 – Tyler Deaver – Burns Like You (3:27)
1.04 – Tyler Deaver – County Fair (3:49)
1.05 – Tyler Deaver – Lightning (3:07)
1.06 – Tyler Deaver – Country Music Got Sold (3:49)
1.07 – Tyler Deaver – I Killed A Man (3:41)
1.08 – Tyler Deaver – I Don’t Give A Damn (3:08)
1.09 – Tyler Deaver – 100 Acres (3:37)

You know those songs that make you stop and turn up the radio dial? Tyler Deaver writes songs like that for anyone who loves catchy melodies and true relatable lyrics.
Originally from Wisconsin Tyler is a goofball at heart who has never cared who knows it! Tyler was the guy that did cartwheels down the hallway in high school. His fun personality leads to an infectious stage presence that captivates live audiences across the country.
Tyler’s vocal skill has been compared to the likes of Ronnie Dunn, Vince Gill, and the king himself George Strait. A wide vocal range and ridiculous high end singing power takes audiences back to the 90’s country days of amazing vocalists.
Tyler has shared the same stage with artists like Jason Aldean, Tracy Lawrence, and Mo Pitney. You’ll find him playing country festivals, bars, and venues all over the country.

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