Tragedy Ann – Heirlooms (2022)

Posted by Thomas on August 9, 2022as

320 kbps 


01. Australia (3:48)
02. The Shield (4:28)
03. Perfect Strangers (3:57)
04. Velveteen (4:56)
05. Float Away (4:54)
06. Strasbourg (1:10)
07. Every Morning (3:04)
08. Birthday Book (4:02)
09. The Good of My Heart (4:06)
10. The Ghost of John McGowan (6:41)
11. Heirloom (5:25)
12. I Hope This Finds You Well (2:57)

With their new album “Heirlooms”, Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan issue a call for deeper connection with each other and with the natural world.

The answer to this call is reflected both in the collaborative creation process and the meaningful ways in which Heirlooms will be shared. Setting these intentions rooted them and provided the insight needed to nourish the project and create something lasting.

“We want Heirlooms to encourage listeners to question their individual choices and reconsider the experiences of others in their communities, provoking critical thought rather than merely expressing our opinions. In order to encourage this in others, we must do so ourselves.”

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