Tommy Steele – Doomsday Rock – The Brits Are Rocking Vol. 1 (2019)

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Born : December 17, 1936 // Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom
Tommy Steele was undoubtedly Britain’s first great Rock and Roll idol. Like many who followed him Tommy started his musical career by playing in a skiffle group. He was also the first of the London based artists who would precurse their fame by singing at the 2 ‘I’s Coffee Bar- a venue which later hosted the virtually unknown Adam Faith and Cliff Richard. Although Tommy’s brand of Rock and Roll was nearer to ‘easy listening’ than that of some of his American contemporaries he more than made up for it with his personality. His manager, Larry Parnes, once said “Tommy Steele was the greatest entertainer that I ever had on my books”, and Tommy Steele’s rise as a teenage star was probably attributable to charisma rather than simple sex appeal.


01. Rock Around The Town
02. Giddy-Up Ding Dong
03. Teenage Party
04. The Trial
05. Tallahassee Lassie
06. Give! Give! Give!
07. Build Up
08. Knee Deep In The Blues
09. Rock With The Caveman
10. Take Me Back, Baby
11. Time To Kill
12. Hair-Down Hoe-Down
13. Swaller Tail Coat
14. Drunken Guitar
15. Kaw-Liga
16. Elevator Rock
17. Grandad’s Rock
18. I Puts The Lightie On
19. On The Move
20. Cannibal Pot
21. Hollerin’ And Screamin’
22. (The Girl With The) Long Black Hair
23. Rebel Rock
24. Two Eyes
25. Hey You
26. Happy Go Lucky Blues
27. Singing The Blues
28. Butterfly
29. Doomsday Rock
30. Razzle Dazzle
31. Come On Let’s Go
32. Honky Tonk Blues
33. Young Love
34. You Gotta Go


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