Tomberlin – i don’t know who needs to hear this… (2022)

Posted by Green on April 28, 2022as

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Tomberlin is dropping her full album I don’t know who needs to hear this… on April 29 via Saddle Creek. Sarah Beth Tomberlin has given listeners what feels like a deep conversation, one that digs up and lays bare everything waiting to be said. The album is gentle and delicate, but far from weak. Each sound was picked with great thought, and sporadically dropped in time to perfection. It is exactly what you needed to hear.

Much of I don’t Know who Needs to Hear This… was recorded live, in the spirit of community, with a fantastic group of contributors and their on-the-spot emotions – the truest ones. And just like these gatherings, the timing on this album is fluid, and changes direction. Even in it’s consistent softness, it catches you off guard.

The first track, Easy opens with a deep intensity followed by Tomberlin’s fresh voice. But the real breakthrough is when she sings Because I am so easy/ because I’m always easy/ Is my love worth something/ because it don’t feel so free. Is there freedom in love without boundaries? Unsaid longs over what is left behind, including the words that sit in our throats and never make it to our lips. Happy Accident is lively and intoxicating, like a chaotic romance.

Tomberlin opens up her internal monologue and leaves it for a readily tender ear on I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This… This album proves that even a whisper, warm and light, can carry significant weight.

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