Tom Paxton – The Essential (2019)

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Tom Paxton has proven to be one of the most durable of the singer/songwriters to emerge from the Greenwich Village folk revival scene of the early ’60s. In some ways, he had more in common with the late-’50s generation of folksingers such as Dave Van Ronk (who was 16 months his senior) and even older performers than with the new crop of singer/songwriters with whom he tended to be associated, such as Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs (both of whom were several years his junior). But like Dylan and Ochs, and unlike Van Ronk, Paxton was a songwriter caught up in the left-wing political movements of the time and inspired to compose topical and protest songs. In general, his tended to be more lighthearted than theirs (the musical satirist Tom Lehrer was at least as much of an influence on him as Woody Guthrie), though he could be just as witty and just as harshly critical of his opponents. Like such mentors as Pete Seeger, and unlike Dylan, he never cared to make much of a transition to the mainstream, never picked up an electric guitar and tried to play rock & roll. (None of his many albums ever reached the Top 100, and he never scored a chart single as a recording artist.) Nor did he burn out in the ’70s like Ochs. Instead, he kept on, year in and year out, writing and singing songs that commented, often humorously, on the state of the body politic. He also contributed more than a few love songs, some songs of joyous celebration, and especially later in his career, many children’s songs. In fact, his biggest successes as a songwriter, the songs that became hits for others and were covered over and over, proving to be his most valuable copyrights, fit into these respective categories: “The Last Thing on My Mind” (by far his most popular work), “Bottle of Wine,” and “The Marvelous Toy.” But other artists were also attracted to such socially conscious compositions as “What Did You Learn in School Today?” and “Whose Garden Was This?,” as well as reflective, melancholy songs like “Ramblin’ Boy” and “I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound.”

01. The Last Thing On My Mind
02. I Give You the Morning
03. Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation
04. I Can’t Help but Wonder Where I’m Bound
05. Ramblin’ Boy
06. My Lady’s a Wild, Flying Dove
07. Leaving London
08. What Did You Learn In School Today?
09. Bottle of Wine
10. Outward Bound
11. Goin’ to the Zoo
12. All Night Long
13. Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues
14. Peace Will Come
15. Annie’s Going to Sing Her Song
16. One Time and One Time Only
17. Ev’ry Time (When We Are Gone)
18. Deep Fork River Blues (UK EP Version)
19. Now That I’ve Taken My Life
20. Dance In the Shadows
21. Forrest Lawn
22. The Marvelous Toy
23. The Willing Conscript
24. My Son, John
25. Beau John (UK EP Version)
26. Victoria Dines Alone
27. Morning Again (Alt. Version)
28. Prayin’ for Snow
29. My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog (UK EP Version)
30. Whose Garden Was This
31. Daily News
32. When Annie Took Me Home (Live at the Marquee Club, London)
33. Bishop Cody’s Last Request
34. Cindy’s Cryin’
35. Jennifer’s Rabbit / I Give You the Morning
36. The Marvelous Toy (Alternate UK Single Version)

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