Todd Rundgren – Warped (2015)

Posted by on October 19, 2015
in rock

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For Todd Rundgren the 1970s was the most hectic period in his career. He often released two albums a year either solo or with Utopia, together with a heavy schedule of collaborating with and producing for other artists. The consequence was a sprawling, eclectic body of work that built his reputation as one of the most fascinating and idiosyncratic mavericks working in rock. And so it was a confident and self-assured Rundgren that went out on tour with a career spanning, greatest hits retrospective in 1978. He frequently brought his pioneering artistic vision to his live shows, the Ra tour had famously included a twenty-two foot tall pyramid, and other tours had included attempts to perform in quadrophonic sound, with a two-day stage set up required. On this occasion, he experimented with microwave radio, and this expansive, two hour concert from The Roxy was simulcast across twenty-four U.S. radio stations. It s a fascinating record of Rundgren at his peak, a double-disc tour de force in which he is joined by Utopia, Rick Derringer, Hall & Oats and Stevie Nicks to deliver a sonic essay of his career to that point.

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