Todd Rundgren & Utopia – The Road to Utopia: Complete Recordings 1974-82 [7CD Box Set] (2018)

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The new box set will trace Utopia’s evolution from its 1974 debut album – featuring the Mark II line-up (Mk. I was a short-lived touring unit) of Kevin Ellman (drums), Moogy Klingman (keyboards), Jean-Yves “M. Frog” Labat (synthesizers), Ralph Schuckett (keyboards) and John Siegler (bass/cello) – through 1982’s Swing to the Right, the fifth and final album from the “classic” line-up of Rundgren, Roger Powell, Wilcox, and Sulton. Across seven albums, all of which have been expanded with bonus tracks, the band synthesized influences as disparate as prog rock, jazz fusion, pop, new wave, and even The British Invasion. From the 30-minute opus “The Ikon” to the pop classic “Love is the Answer” and the spot-on, slightly naughty Beatles pastiche “I Just Want to Touch You,” Rundgren’s Utopia refused to be musically pigeonholed.

The box set has all six of the band’s studio and sole live albums as originally released between 1974 and 1982 newly remastered by the label’s Joe Reagoso from the Warner/Bearsville tapes. Each album will be housed in an individual gatefold digipak with original art elements from each LP including inner sleeves and inserts. Rundgren, Sulton, Wilcox, and Powell have all made written contributions to this set, as well. Fifteen bonus tracks are spread across the seven albums, including live performances, promotional single versions, and more.

Following the period chronicled in the new box, the band recorded three more albums for the Network and Passport labels between 1982 and 1985. Numerous compilations and archival releases have celebrated Utopia in recent years (including a “lost” album, 1976’s Disco Jets) but The Road to Utopia has all of the band’s music as originally released during the period covered.

The 2018 reunion tour will likely touch on various eras of the group’s long history; Schuckett was part of the first 1974-1975 line-up, while Sulton has recurred in the band over the years: 1974-1982, 1982-1986, and 1992. Wilcox was a member between 1975 and 1986, and joined again for the 1992 reunion. The tour will kick off in Pennsylvania on April 18th and will wrap up on June 5th in California.


Todd Rundgren’s Utopia
1-1 Utopia Theme
1-2 Freak Parade
1-3 Freedom Fighters
1-4 The Ikon

Bonus Track
1-5 Do Ya (Alternate Take)

Another Live
2-1 Another Life
2-2 The Wheel
2-3 The Seven Rays
2-4 Intro / Mister Triscuits
2-5 Something’s Cool
2-6 Heavy Metal Kids
2-7 Do Ya
2-8 Just One Victory

Bonus Track
2-9 Open My Eyes (Live)

3-1 Overture (Instrumental)
3-2 Communion With The Sun
3-3 Magic Dragon Theatre
3-4 Jealousy
3-5 Eternal Love
3-6 Sunburst Finish
3-7 Hiroshima
3-8 Singring And The Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale)

Bonus Track
3-9 Communion With The Sun (Mono Promo Single Mix)

Oops! Wrong Planet
4-1 Trapped
4-2 Windows
4-3 Love In Action
4-4 Crazy Lady Blue
4-5 Back On The Street
4-6 Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
4-7 The Martyr
4-8 Abandon City
4-9 Gangrene
4-10 My Angel
4-11 Rape Of The Young
4-12 Love Is The Answer

Bonus Track
4-13 Love Is The Answer (Mono Promo Single Mix)

Adventures In Utopia
5-1 The Road To Utopia
5-2 You Make Me Crazy
5-3 Second Nature
5-4 Set Me Free
5-5 Caravan
5-6 Last Of The New Wave Riders
5-7 Shot In The Dark
5-8 The Very Last Time
5-9 Love Alone
5-10 Rock Love

Bonus Tracks
5-11 Umbrella Man
5-12 Set Me Free (Mono Promo Single Mix)
5-13 Second Nature (Mono Promo Single Mix)
5-14 The Very Last Time (Edit) (Mono Promo Single Mix)
5-15 Anyhow Anyway Anywhere (Live)
5-16 96 Tears (Live)
5-17 Just One Victory (Live)

Deface The Music
6-1 I Just Want To Touch You
6-2 Crystal Ball
6-3 Where Does The World Go To Hide
6-4 Silly Boy
6-5 Alone
6-6 That’s Not Right
6-7 Take It Home
6-8 Hoi Poloi
6-9 Life Goes On
6-10 Feel Too Good
6-11 Always Late
6-12 All Smiles
6-13 Everybody Else Is Wrong

Bonus Track
6-14 I Just Want To Touch You (Mono Promo Single Mix)

Swing To The Right
7-1 Swing To The Right
7-2 Lysistrata
7-3 The Up
7-4 Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
7-5 Shinola
7-6 For The Love Of Money
7-7 Last Dollar On Earth
7-8 Fahrenheit 451
7-9 Only Human
7-10 One World

Bonus Tracks
7-11 Special Interest
7-12 Lysistrata (Mono Promo Single Mix)
7-13 One World (Mono Promo Single Mix)

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