TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – The Incredible Heat Machine (2021)

Posted by Green on October 15, 2021as

320                                FLAC

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings announce the band’s much anticipated sophomore album ‘The Incredible Heat Machine’ out October 15th (on Mama Bird Recording Co.). The band is led by frontman Taylor Kingman, whose equally irreverent, delicate, and cerebral first-person narratives somehow merge seamlessly with the group’s bar band ethos. ‘The Incredible Heat Machine’ takes the band’s *half-facetiously* self-described “psychedelic doom boogie” and delves further into the struggles of the working-class musician with themes of substance abuse and redemption, companionship as salvation, and the ever-present shadow of disillusionment.”‘The Incredible Heat Machine’ is a haunted jukebox on wheels and God’s own check engine light. It’s a locomotive composed of living parts linked by some buck-toothed telepathy allowing it to get down the tracks. No answer or destination, just movement and feeling. It’s vulnerable and irreverent. Heavy-hearted and heavy-handed. It’s 11 songs recorded live, with no overdubs, as an attempt to justify our questionable existence as serious song-and-dance men in the modern era.”

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