Tin Toy Cars – Hello Pariah (2020)

Posted by Green on May 17, 2020as

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Hello Pariah is the 2nd album by Las Vegas-based Indie-Americana band Tin Toy Cars, fronted by singing mandolin player Peter Fand. Fand is a 7-year veteran of Cirque du Soleil, where he met drummer Aaron Guidry and Violinist Martin St-Pierre. Rounding out the lineup with Andrew Chute on guitar, and several other local heavy-hitters as guest performers, they are a mainstay of the Downtown Las Vegas music scene.

With “Hello Pariah,” Tin Toy Cars channels a myriad of stylistic elements into a cohesive 10-song collection, demonstrating the range of the mandolin, and the depth of Fand’s talents as a songwriter. The title track is a rousing rocker that talks about repeatedly encountering your own personal demons, as you move along on your path. Lamenting yet hopeful, Fand sings: “Cellophane, and a pain of glass, I see right through you at last,” and then, with a rousing cry: “The meek don’t need to get ready. They’re already living in the land of plenty!”

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