They Might Be Giants – Secret Music Vol. 2 (2021)

Posted by Green on September 23, 2021as

320 kbps | LINKS

01] Answer (Live at KDHX)
02] Pittsburgh (Live on WYEP)
03] Madam, I Challenge You to a Dual (Live at KDHX)
04] Boss of Me (Live on WXPN)
05] I’m Not a Loser (demo for Spongebob The Musical)
06] Pour Poor Me More Please (demo for Central Park)
07] The Daily Beans Theme
08] Courage the Cowardly Dog (for Cartoon Network)
09] Dee Dee and Dexter (for Cartoon Network)
10] Your Mom’s Alright (Mink Car Japanese release)
11] This Stuff (for mehcom)
12] They Could Try Harder (for mehcom)
13] We Are Meh (for mehcom)
14] Four Years of Norm Breaking (for Slate’s Political Gabfest)
15] Paper Jam
16] Crushed by Dust (for AdventureQuest World)
17] Ram On
18] Savoy Truffle
19] 25 O’Clock
20] The Statue Got Me High (instrumental)
21] She’s Actual Size (instrumental)
22] Tesla demo (Tesla Remix Project)
23] Studio Cat (Tesla Remix Project)
24] Echos of Tesla (Tesla Remix Project)
25] Happier, Crazier (Tesla Remix Project)

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