The William Loveday Intention – The Baptiser (2022)

Posted by Green on March 25, 2022as

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The incredibly prolific Billy Childish – the man behind seminal acts like Thee Headcoats and The Wave Pictures – presents a brand new album under his latest guise The William Loveday Intention. Presented as part of Childish’s “career in a year” ambition, ‘The Baptiser’ continues the project’s mission statement of reimagining garage/punk tracks from his career along folky, Dylan-esque lines.


1. The Baptiser (4:39)
2. A Library to You and the Self (3:52)
3. A Painted Pantomime Dame (7:06)
4. Mister Smith (3:25)
5. Poems of Anxiety and Uncertainty (4:10)
6. I’m Good Enough (4:04)
7. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (5:38)
8. A Framed T-Shirt Remnant (3:24)
9. Poems of Anxiety and Uncertainty (Blues) (2:38)
10. The Baptiser (Reprise) (4:36)

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