The William Loveday Intention – Paralysed by the Mountains (2022)

Posted by Green on April 28, 2022as

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The WIlliam Loveday Intention is one of many musical projects helmed by Billy Childish. ‘Paralysed By The Mountains’ extends their discography which attempts to record a career’s worth of music in a year. The album is a mix of country and blues. There’s songs about Jesse James, revamped versions of songs by Thee Headcoates and a version of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s ‘You Gotta Move’, famously covered by The Rolling Stones, and arguably been made better here.


1. Paralysed by the Mountains (4:07)
2. Becoming Unbecoming Me (3:15)
3. Stood Upon a Chair (3:04)
4. Too Many Things That Mean Too Much To Me (Blues) (3:16)
5. You Gotta Move (4:03)
6. Joe Strummer’s Grave (4:08)
7. I’m Unkind (2:28)
8. Gun in My Father’s Hand (3:19)
9. The Day I Beat My Father Up (3:04)
10. Joe Strummer’s Grave (Reprise) (4:09)


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