The William Loveday Intention – Cowboys Are SQ (2022)

Posted by Green on February 17, 2022as

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For the uninitiated, The William Loveday Intention is the latest band put together by the multi-hyphenate Billy Childish. It’d be impossible to pigeonhole Billy as he’s been successful in music, art, poetry, photography, film making, advocacy and more and this 5th album from his William Lovejoy Intention may be his best and his fan base is massive.


1. Cowboys are Square (3:43)
2. Girl From ’62 (4:14)
3. It Ain’t Mine (2:47)
4. Pocahontas was Her Name (5:08)
5. Cave (Blues) (6:07)
6. The Seven Stages of Grief (2:26)
7. Like a Rolling Stone (5:30)
8. Too Many Things That Mean Too Much To Me (3:44)
9. Cowboys are Square (Reprise) (3:14)
10. You Make Me Die (Country) (3:24)

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