The Waco Brothers – Discography

Posted by Green on April 10, 2021as

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The Waco Brothers was formed by Jon Langford of the Mekons. The group grew out of Langford’s wish to play more country-influenced music as the Mekons concentrated more on a punk sound. They were originally put together simply for local Chicago shows, but the success of their Bloodshot Records albums allowed them to tour the US occasionally. Many of the members also participate in Langford’s Pine Valley Cosmonauts project.

1995 To The Last Dead Cowboy
1997 Cowboy In Flames
1997 Do You Think About Me
1999 Waco World
2000 Electric Waco Chair
2002 New Deal
2004 Nine Slices of My Midlife Crisis (& Uncle Dave)
2005 Freedom And Weep
2008 Waco Express. Live & Kickin’ At Schubas Tavern
2009 Chicago, IL – 09-12-09 (with Rico Bell)
2012 Great Chicago Fire (& Paul Burch)
2016 Going Down In History
2020 RESIST!

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