The Steve Miller Band – King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents (2002)

Posted by Green on December 19, 2018
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The two discs of Steve Miller Band: On Tour 1973-1976 feature two Steve Miller Band concerts recorded in 1973 and 1976, respectively, by (and for eventual broadcast on) the infamous King Biscuit Flower Hour. The soundboard recordings are pristine, with each bandmember occupying an equal part of the spectrum. The 1973 incarnation, captured at Shady Grove in Washington, D.C., still holds some connection to the earlier, more blues-based years of the band. As such, the disc contains a good deal of blues-rock jamming, much of which is admirably tight, though it falls prey to some of the era’s excesses. Also contained is an early version of “Fly Like an Eagle,” which Miller road-tested in several versions before setting it to wax. Following extensive touring around that period, Miller took an extended hiatus from the road, during which time he recorded both Fly Like an Eagle and Book of Dreams, what would prove to be his two most successful albums. Following the recording of those albums, Miller took to the road again, with a new band featuring Gary Mallaber, Lonnie Turner, Norton Buffalo, David Denny, and Byron Allred. The music is different, too. The blues influence is still there, but the band is sleeker and more modern. They have Miller’s catalog of soon-to-be-classics at their disposal, and make good use of them, including good renditions of “The Joker” and the revamped “Fly Like an Eagle.” The band’s sound, though perhaps even more grounded in the era than the 1973 band, is also more original, regardless of whether or not one enjoys what they are doing.

01. Space Cowboy 04:26
02. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma 06:19
03. Mary Lou 04:41
04. your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash 04:21
05. Gangster Of Love 05:47
06. Jackson-Kent Blues 04:47
07. Living In The USA 08:45
08. Fly Like An Eagle 11:27
09. My Dark Hour 02:536
10. Evil 05:28
11. Blues With A Feelin’ 05:55
12. Lovin’ Cup 02:49
13. So Long Blues 02:28

01. The Joker 05:21
02. Baby’s Callin’ Me Home 04:06
03. Going To Mexico 03:37
04. Nothing Lasts 03:21
05. Mercury Blues 05:36
06. Going To The Country 02:59
07. Kitchen Blues 02:59
08. The Window 06:09
09. Fly Like An Eagle 04:37
10. Wild Mountain Honey 04:03
11. Song For Our Ancestors 05:13
12. Seasons 04:03

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