The Smithereens – Live at Sigma Sound (2019)

Posted by Green on January 2, 2020
in rock

320 kbps | 155 MB | LINKS


01. Drown in My Own Tears (Live)
02. Green Thoughts (Live)
03. Groovy Tuesday (Live)
04. Alone at Midnight (Live)
05. Crazy Mixed-Up Kid (Live)
06. The World We Know (Live)
07. I Don’t Want to Lose You (Live)
08. Something New (Live)
09. Cigarette (Live)
10. Deep Black (Live)
11. Strangers When We Meet (Live)
12. Spellbound (Live)
13. Behind the Wall of Sleep (Live)
14. Hand of Glory (Live)
15. Only a Memory (Live)
16. Time and Time Again (Live)
17. House We Used to Live In (Live)
18. Blood and Roses (Live)

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