The Smithereens – Especially For You (1986/2022)

Posted by Green on July 29, 2022
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The Smithereens’ superb full-length debut Especially for You marries an unapologetically nostalgic affection for the melodic crunch of the British Invasion era with an equally unapologetic helping of postmodern melancholia. In tandem with Don Dixon’s moodily atmospheric production, Pat DiNizio’s lovelorn lyrics and world-weary vocals reveal the dark underbelly of his otherwise crisply infectious songs, lending standout tracks like “Strangers When We Meet,” “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” and the minor hit “Blood and Roses,” both a unique flavor and an immediate familiarity.


1. Strangers When We Meet (3:48)
2. Listen To Me Girl (3:01)
3. Groovy Tuesday (2:40)
4. Cigarette (2:31)
5. I Don’t Want To Lose You (3:22)
6. Time And Time Again (3:11)
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep (3:24)
8. In A Lonely Place (4:12)
9. Blood And Roses (3:37)
10. Crazy Mixed-Up Kid (2:08)
11. Hand Of Glory (2:46)
12. Alone At Midnight (3:43)

13. White Castle Blues (3:58)
14. Mr. Eliminator (2:03)

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