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The Silos are releasing a new album, Family, which was produced and recorded by The Silos; mixed by El Estimado Jose Reyes, Eric Kassel and Walter Salas-Humara; and mastered by Dave McNair. On Family, the Silos have blended the quality aspects of early pop music that render it memorable and catchy, with wide open spaces of heartland rock running all through it in an unassuming, easy rootsy style.

“My Favorite Animal” has a head-nodding rhythm and an homage to natural aspects of humanity. “You are my favorite animal.” We come together in the jungle…. hell yeah.” And then it’s the catchy ride, followed by electric guitar and keys trading off leads.

“The Right Palace” has a bluesy groove and Salas-Hamara using a very gritty, bluesy vocal. “Dreaming of Paris” takes things in a dreamier more thoughtful direction with “wild horses coming off the ridge” is pretty far from the Paris they’d rather go to….as aren’t we all?

“Colorado River” has punctuated tambourines and the “raging rapids will turn you upside down.” “The Spanish Man” is a songwriter’s tale of the pouring of the sands of time and some very abstract philosophical observations.

“Rocking and Raging” pays honor to dancing, singing, rocking and a’raging. The music is exciting and optimistic though, not angry and tense. It’s that hopeful tone that the Silos always emulate. “Puerde Ser” is sung in Spanish with uplifting rock rhythms and a buoyant vibe that turns celebratory.

Jerry Joseph makes a splashy appearance here and on the last song of the album with “Love and Trust and Friends.” With a more uptempo foundation, the song speaks of the light that’s always there when we’re alone in the dark — friends, love, and trust — part of the fabric of life. Don’t forget. Walter and Jerry trade off lead vocals and it’s deep, and frolicking, and very exciting. And again the added tambourine here is a bit of a signature for the Silos — giving a 70s sunshine appeal.

The first single from the album “Family by The Silos “My Favorite Animal” is a melodic rock effort with a funky groove and sticky guitar and organ hooks. The lyric condenses the diversity in our cultures and ecosystems into a beautiful universality. Certainly the right message in troubled times.

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