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The Pine Box Boys is a band from San Francisco, California.The band was formed in 2003. Originally, the idea was to call themselves “The Pine Coffin Boys”, but it seemed too intense for a band name and maybe also a bit obvious. There are a lot of pine boxes in the gothic country genre. Pine box or pinebox is American slang and refers to a simple coffin (unplaned pine). It’s very cheap. The Pine Box Boys is a perfect band name for a “bloodgrass”, “darkgrass”, “murdergrass”, “muddy roots”, “horrorbilly” or “gothic bluegrass” band. The band consists of frontfigure Lester T. Raww (guitar and vocals), “Colonel” Timothy Leather (upright bass), Steven “Your Uncle” Dodds (drums) and Alex “Possum” Carvidi (banjo and vocals).

1.Arkansas Killing Time (2005)
2.Hootin & Hollerin Vol 2 (2006)
3.Stab! (2006)
4.Child Of Calamity (2008)
5.Tales From The Emancipated Head

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