The Jake Leg Jug Band – Everythin’s Jake (2015)

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The Jake Leg Jug Band is quickly growing its reputation as a lively, feel-good band. Imagine 1920’s and 30’s America: gangsters, bootleggers and chain gangs. The Jake Leg Jug Band brings the listener authentic sounds of this era; Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Ragtime, songs about murder, betrayal, gambling, liquor and redemption all performed with the band’s own twist. “. . . their image, style, and performance was wonderful and you really did buy into the prohibition-era feel of their set” so enthused the Congelton Jazz & Blues Festival review.

The band self-released its debut album – “Enticingly warm, comforting and highly foot-tapping. It will keep you jigging across the carpet. Recommended!” Blues In The Northwest – and for this second album the band has signed to the prestgious LAKE Records label.

It is the fourth CD released as part of the LAKE Records Vintage Recording Project whereby a 1930s recording session is recreated using authentic period microphones and valve equipment to produce a ‘warm’ period sound.

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