The Glitterhouse – Color Blind (1968)

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Equal parts Love, Johnny Rivers, and Procol Harum, this debut album by the short-lived Glitterhouse is a fine debut, and an excellent psychedelic/pop artifact period piece. One of the better played records of its day, Colorblind often outclasses more popular efforts of the era. The songs themselves are minor masterpieces, even if the production and lyrics are dated, and the overall thrust and vibe carries the record quite nicely.


1. Tinkerbell’s Mind – 4:43
2. Princess of the Gingerland – 4:24
3. Sassafrass and Cinnamon – 4:16
4. Child of Darkness (Journey of a Child Traveler) – 4:22
5. I Lost Me a Friend – 4:19
6. Times Are Getting Hard – 3:50
7. Where Have You Been Hiding – 2:25
8. Hey Woman – 3:55
9. Happy To Have You Here Again – 3:25

Hank Aberle – Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Michael Gayle – Guitar, Vocals
Al Lax – Bass, Vocals
Mark Moogy Klingman – Kyeboards
Joel “Bishop” O’Brien – Drums, Percussion

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