The Gift – Land Of Shadows (2014)

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Mike Morton – vocals, keyboards, 12 string guitar, flute
David Lloyd – electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards
Joseph Morton – drums and percussion
Andy Coombe – piano on ‘You Are The Song’
Andre Lewis – backing vocals on ‘The Comforting Cold’
James Fox – violin on ‘The Comforting Cold’
Kurosh Davis – viola on ‘The Comforting Cold’
Rebecca Jordan – cello on ‘The Comforting Cold’
Anna and Evie Morton – girls’ voices on ‘The Willows’
Andrew Morton – voice on ‘I Sing Of Change’

Their sophomore release will be born into a radically different musical landscape, which now embraces progressive rock in all its forms. Young and old ‘active audiates’ are soaking up all sorts of sounds ranging from the flutes and finesse of Tull to the intense attack of The Mars Volta.

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