The Fall – Totally Wired – The Rough Trade Anthology (2013)

Posted by Green on September 21, 2022as

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This compilation is invaluable: it’s the first time a truly exhaustive compilation of some of The Fall’s best material has been made available stateside, where the stuff has long been difficult to track down. Compiling the work of a band like The Fall would be a maddening task, with literally dozens of releases in multiple formats scattered across more than a half-dozen labels. Totally Wired provides an excellent starting point for one of their best periods. Though it does stop short of the thoroughness that might make it a true anthology, Totally Wired pulls from every Rough Trade release The Fall recorded, providing a quality roadmap for where a listener might want to go next, and that’s indispensable for a band so worth exploring.


01. Totally Wired
02. New Face In Hell
03. Fit and Working Again
04. That Man
05. The Container Drivers
06. Rowche Rumble
07. How I Wrote Elastic Man
08. An Older Lover Etc.
09. Cary Grant’s Wedding
10. Pay Your Rates
11. City Hobgoblins
12. Middle Mass
13. Gramme Friday
14. Leave the Capitol
15. English Scheme
16. New Puritan
17. Prole Art Threat
18. The NWRA
19. The Man Whose Head Expanded
20. Lie Dream of a Casino Soul
21. I Feel Voxish
22. Hip Priest
23. Hotel Bloedel
24. Winter 1
25. Ludd Gang
26. Smile
27. Tempo House
28. Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot
29. Wings
30. Eat Y’Self Fitter
31. Kicker Conspiracy

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