The Fall – Live In London 1980: The Legendary Chaos Tape (2023)

Posted by Green on May 12, 2023as

320 | FLAC


A resurrection of a cassette-only live release on the Chaos label back in 1980, this artifact features the Fall in an Acklam Hall, London, gig. The D.I.Y. aesthetic of the Fall has somehow spawned many a release mastered from old vinyl and cassette (bad quality just part of the package, you see) and this is no exception the opening minutes are very dodgy indeed, full of tape hiss and dropouts. The performance is vintage Fall, with Mark E. Smith’s frequent trips into a high-pitched scream to emphasize a point (“An Older Lover,” “Container Drivers,” and “Pay Your Rates”) and finishing with two of their scariest songs, “Spectre Versus Rector” and “Impression of J. Temperance.” Call it past glories covered with a patina of analog distortion.


01. The Fall – Middle Mass / Crap Rap (Live)
02. The Fall – English Scheme (Live)
03. The Fall – New Face In Hell (Live)
04. The Fall – That Man (Live)
05. The Fall – An Older Lover (Live)
06. The Fall – Slates, Slags Etc. (Live)
07. The Fall – Prole Art Threat (Live)
08. The Fall – Container Drivers (Live)
09. The Fall – Jawbone + The Air Rifle (Live)
10. The Fall – In The Park (Live)
11. The Fall – Leave The Capitol (Live)
12. The Fall – Spectre Versus Rector (Live)
13. The Fall – Pay Your Rates (Live)
14. The Fall – Impression Of J. Temperance (Live)

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