The Everly Brothers – Original Album Series (2010)

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CD 1 – It’s Everly Time
1. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
2. Just In Case
3. Memories Are Made Of This
4. That’s What You Do To Me
5. Sleepless Nights
6. What Kind Of Girl Are You
7. “Oh, True Love”
8. Carol Jane
9. Some Sweet Day (LP Version)
10. Nashville Blues (Album Version)
11. You Thrill Me
12. I Want You To Know (LP Version)

CD 2 – A Date With The Everly Brothers
1. Made To Love (Remastered Album Version)
2. That’s Just Too Much (LP Version)
3. Stick With Me Baby (Album Version)
4. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Remastered Album Version)
5. “Sigh, Cry, Almost Die (Remastered Album Version)”
6. Always It’s You (Remastered Album Version)
7. Love Hurts (Remastered Album Version)
8. Lucille (Remastered Album Version)
9. So How Come [No One Loves Me] (Remastered LP Version)
10. “Donna, Donna (Remastered Album Version)”
11. A Change Of Heart (LP Version)
12. Cathy’s Clown (Remastered Album Version)

CD 3 – Rock ‘N Soul
1. That’ll Be The Day (Remastered Album Version)
2. So Fine (LP Version)
3. Maybellene (Remastered Album Version)
4. Dancing In The Street (LP Version)
5. Kansas City (LP Version)
6. I Got A Woman (Remastered Album Version)
7. Love Hurts (Album Version)
8. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (LP Version)
9. Susie Q (Remastered Album Version)
10. Hound Dog (LP Version)
11. I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (Remastered Album Version)
12. Lonely Weekends (LP Version)

CD 4 – Two Yanks In England
1. Somebody Help Me (Remastered Album Version)
2. So Lonely (Remastered Album Version)
3. Kiss Your Man Goodbye (Remastered Album Version)
4. Signs That Will Never Change (Remastered Album Version)
5. Like Everytime Before (Album Version)
6. Pretty Flamingo (Album Version)
7. I’ve Been Wrong Before (Remastered Album Version)
8. Have You Ever Loved Somebody (Remastered Album Version)
9. The Collector (Remastered Album Version)
10. Don’t Run And Hide (Remastered Album Version)
11. Fifi The Flea (Album Version)
12. Hard Hard Year (Album Version)

CD 5 – Roots
1. Introduction: The Everly Family (1952)
2. Mama Tried
3. Less Of Me
4. T For Texas
5. I Wonder If I Care As Much
6. Ventura Boulevard
7. Shady Grove
8. Illinois
9. Living To Close To The Ground
10. You Done Me Wrong
11. Turn Around
12. Sing Me Back Home
13. Montage: The Everly Family [1952]/Shady Grove/Kentucky

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