The Equals – Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys…The Anthology (1999)

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Anyone who thinks of the Equals as nothing but a prelude to Eddy Grant’s solo career will find revelations throughout this 50-song double-CD set — the diversity of sounds here is quite staggering, and all the more so as the quintet was so good at all of it: British Invasion-style rock & roll, psychedelic pop, freakbeat, bubblegum, they could do it all, and with an edge that always told you there was more to this band than what their records were letting you in on. The 140 minutes of music here is as much of the Equals as most of us might ever need to hear, starting from their October 1966 single “I Won’t Be There” b/w “Fire,” and going up through “Diversion,” Grant’s last authored single for the band, in 1973. In between are all of the singles and B-sides of any significance, plus the most important tracks off of their LPs Unequaled Equals, Equals Explosion, Sensational Equals, Equals Supreme, Equals Strike Again, and The Equals Rock Around the Clock, and the various EPs interspersed between these. Completists might only be satisfied with all of the latter, represented on CDs with a brace of bonus tracks, but this 50-song compilation is impressive in its own right, and as solid a selection of their best work across seven years as one is ever likely to hear. All of it is present in exceptionally good sound and fully annotated by the always reliable and fascinating Roger Dopson.


1.01 I Won’t Be There
1.02 Fire
1.03 Baby Come Back
1.04 Hold Me Closer
1.05 Can’t Find A Girl To Love Me
1.06 Ding Dong
1.07 My Life Ain’t Easy
1.08 I’m A Poor Man
1.09 You Lied Just To Save Your Name
1.10 Hey Baby It’s Time You Get Going
1.11 Give Love A Try
1.12 Giddy Up A Ding Dong
1.13 Police On My Back
1.14 Teardrops
1.15 Leaving You Is Hard To Do
1.16 You’d Better Tell Her
1.17 I Get So Excited
1.18 The Skies Above
1.19 Laurel & Hardy
1.20 The Guy Who Made Her A Star
1.21 Is It Right
1.22 Look What You’ve Done To My Daughter
1.23 Soul Groovin’
1.24 Butterfly Red, White & Blue
1.25 Softly Softly

2.01 Lonely Rita
2.02 Lonely
2.03 Don’t Throw Your Love Away
2.04 Christine
2.05 I’m Gonna Dance All Night
2.06 Just Me And You
2.07 Green Light
2.08 Love Potion
2.09 Be My Baby Tonight
2.10 Michael & His Slipper Tree
2.11 Honey Gum
2.12 Ain’t Got Nothing To Give You
2.13 Let’s Go To The Moon
2.14 A Room Of Doom
2.15 Take A Little Bad Song
2.16 Viva Bobby Joe
2.17 I Can’t Let You Go
2.18 Rub A Dub Dub
2.19 Soul Brother Clifford
2.20 I Can See But You Don’t Know
2.21 Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
2.22 Help Me Simone
2.23 Honey Bee
2.24 Diversion
2.25 Stand Up And Be Counted


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