The Electric Soft Parade – Stages (2020)

Posted by Green on March 23, 2020as

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The Electric Soft Parade return with their 5th album ‘Stages’.These 7 expansive tracks transcend their roots in grief, reaching through love, loss, mourning and hope, with the ambitious pallet of The Electric Soft Parade.

“Several years after our mother passed away, I sat down one day and wrote the rough shape of an album…” explains Alex “I took on the multiple perspectives of the experience of death and grief – trying to imagine my mother’s feelings and how she experienced both her life and her death, as well as how others in the family may have felt and reacted, as well as my own sense of overcoming this grief.”

Written and sung by Alex, produced and recorded by Thomas, the album is truly collaborative and represents a new period in the band’s output. “My writing having been less than forthcoming in recent years – I have now hit a peak, I hope.” says Alex, “I am extremely proud of these pieces of work, both in their honesty and their construction. It is a strange feeling to be a fan of one’s work and genuinely satisfied and engaged with it: often in the past, I have felt I have ‘got away’ with things, or not been able to fully realise my ideas. Not so here.”

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