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The Chesterfield Kings were a rock band from Rochester, New York, who began as a retro-1960s garage band, and who have heavily mined 1960s music, including some borrowing from the 1960s recordings of The Rolling Stones. Core members were former Distorted Level singer, underground music journalist and avid record collector Greg Prevost (founder of the band), and Andy Babiuk (16 years old at the time of joining the band); others have come and gone. The band, named after a defunct brand of unfiltered cigarette, was instrumental in sparking the 1980s garage band revival that launched such groups as the Unclaimed, Marshmallow Overcoat, The Fuzztones, The Malarians, Mystic Eyes, The Cynics, The Optic Nerve, the Secret Service, and the Stomachmouths.

1982 – Here Are The Chesterfield Kings
1987 – Stop!
1987 – Don’t Open Til Doomsday
1989 – Night Of The Living Eyes 1979-1983 (Compilation)
1990 – Drunk on Muddy Water
1990 – The Berlin Wall Of Sound
1994 – Let’s Go Get Stoned
1997 – Surfin’ Rampage
1999 – Where The Action Is!
2003 – The Mindbending Sounds Of…
2007 – Psychedelic Sunrise
2009 – Live Onstage… If You Want It

1985 – Fossils
1987 – Kingsized Rock ‘n Roll
1992 – Johnny Thunders & Chesterfield Kings – Critics Choice

Singles & EP’s
1982 – I’m Going Home / A Dark Corner
1984 – She Told Me Lies / I’ve Gotta Way With Girls
1991 – Next One in Line / Talk Talk / You Drive Me Nervous
1994 – Hey Joe / Roadrunner (as The Paisley Zipper Band)
1998 – Wrong From Right / So What
1999 – Where Do We Go From Here / Louie, Go Home (live)
2000 – Yes I Understand / Sometime at Night
2009 – Up and Down (EP)

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