The Beatles – The Last Lost Album Vol. IV [30CD] (2020)

Posted by Green on January 22, 2021
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The Lost Album Tetralogy brings together absolutely everything * that was never officially released until the present year (2020):
home demos, studio demos, unreleased/unpublished songs, studio sessions outtakes, home jams, rehearsals, improvs, alternate takes/demos, concerts, covers, auditions, unpublished alternate mixes, studio monitor mixes, acetates, informal sessions, home tapes, live recordings, reunions, appearances on tv/ movies/radio/specials video/events/songs in interviews and everything else involving Beatles unofficial music audio.
In addition to all this we have reserved for the last tetralogy chapter a wonderful surprise. For the first time we present to the public our own remixes (and a few from other sources) that have been carefully crafted for over a decade to offer the audience a complete new way of listening to the Liverpool quartet. Absolutely incredible!

* [Except some rehearsals from songs that make up the Let It Be album plus Don’t Let Me Down, Old Brown Shoe, Teddy Boy, Oh! Darling,
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and She Came in the Bathroom Window from the Get Back Sessions, 1969, for they contain large quantities of the same songs with very similar performances.
For the same reasons this Tetralogy does not include all recorded concerts.
But it rigorously includes all the live setlist the group has ever performed, selected from the best and most important concerts.
In both cases (Get Back Sessions and live concerts) the highest quality and the most significant versions
(a huge number of them) were selected and treated (leaving out only unfinished rehearsals/poor performances/poor recording quality).

The research work was intense, rigorous and meticulous. Over the decades we have gathered the rarities of our own collection as well as
literally hundreds of bootlegs around the world, in addition to exclusives granted directly by our friends at Apple and Beatles inner circle.
After all this research, so that nothing was left out, we started the comparison process to select the best quality source for each song.
Then we began the delicate work of treatment, corrections and remix (whenever they were needed).
The Lost Album does not use the same anthology criteria as the regular collections to present the material in chronological order.
The (unprecedented) proposal of the TLA has an artistic character: as an artist plans his album, song by song, imagining a connection,
cohesion and a narrative throughout the whole album. We chose this concept so that the listener can experience a lively artful expression,
not just “a visit to the Beatles museum”. In fact, each disc of each box should be considered an album by itself.
For this reason each disc of the last volume received its own album title.

A respected Beatles collector and scholar, when presented with the preview of The Lost Album Vol I, after an enthusiastic reaction, brought us a single complaint: “So you give the listener all the rare material without any effort, that’s not fair!
This goes against the bootlegger collector’s idea to research. The effort is part of the adventure!”.
Thinking about this (also the concept of an artistic album) we decided to leave a huge opening journey without any track info (takes, date, lineup, recording location, composers, etc.), so that the listeners have a guaranteed great adventure, if they want to investigate the amazing Beatles hidden world!

We would like to thank all the amazing collector heroes who have been providing us with unpublished material spread over thousands of bootlegs.
We would also like to thank our friends with direct links to the Beatles, who over the years have provided us with incredible rarities.
We thank and dedicate this project to all Beatles fans who keep this band alive as if nothing happened after 1970.
And finally, we thank the Fab 4 for making our experience on Earth a Magical Mystery Tour!


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