Tempest – In Concert 1973-74 (2013)

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The creation of Tempest was the result of a project by the drummer Jon Hiseman (Colosseum) that had a young and brilliant Allan Holdsworth among its ranks. His concerts were a worthy continuation of what had been experienced with the Colosseum.
After the dissolution of Colosseum, Jon Hiseman embarks on a new band, Tempest, with his friend Mark Clarke (bass), Allan Holdsworth (guitar) and former Bluesbreakers, Paul Williams (voice). In 73 they released their first album, Tempest. A second guitarist, Ollie Halsall, joins the formation, but the formula does not work and in his second album, Living In Fear (1974) there are no longer either Holdsworth or Williams. The group would dissolve in 74 and Jon Hiseman would return with a reformed Colosseum.
The recording presents two performances by the band Tempest. The first (first seven tracks) was recorded by the BBC at the Golders Green Racecourse in London in 1973. The music we can enjoy is a continuation of that offered at the Colosseum stage, a jazz rock with blues. Paul Williams perfectly emulates Chris Farlowe and the two guitarists, Allan Holdsworth and Ollie Halsall, star in duels and guitar tracks of great merit. Of course Jon Hiseman also claims his glory moments with his corresponding drum solo.
In the second performance (last four tracks) recorded in 74 in London the training is reduced to the Hiseman-Clarke-Ollie trio and it shows. Something weaker than the first, four themes where we can highlight the last two “Dance To My Tune” and the version of the “Paperback Writer” of the Beatles.

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