Ted Russell Kamp – Night Owl (2013)

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tedTed Russell Kamp (or TRK as he abbreviates himself) is a jobbing musician with a background playing bass with Wilson Phillips and Shooter Jennings. Over the years however he’s released several of his own albums that have gradually gained him a reputation particularly in Europe. ‘Night Owl’ finds him in the company of some fine musicians including Chuck Blackwell on drums and Danny Timms on piano as he delivers 14 self penned or co written songs.
Recorded in various locations including Tulsa, Fort Worth and Nashville the overall sound is a version of Southern country soul with some sweet organ and pedal steel licks reminding one of the likes of Spooner Oldham and Tony Joe White although TRK doesn’t reach the same heights as they once did. From the start the album evokes a late night feel, perfect for night owl listeners as the sweet radio tones of “Smile Alone’s” Wurlitzer organ drive this fine ballad. The crunchy power chords of “Another Love Song” might awake a sleepy listener but the dreamlike “Fireflies” restores a warm soporific sense. Kamp raises the stakes with the excellent “A Whole Lot of You and Me” which is a classic example of that laid back southern soul groove where the keyboards, percussion and pedal steel have that honeyed Muscle Shoals feel and Kamp captures some of the essence of Penn and Oldham. “Santa Ana Winds” switches attention to a more parched south with a plaintive trumpet and forlorn pedal steel summoning up a Calexico type feel. Kamp delivers several other songs that are of a similarly high calibre throughout the album with the only caveat here being that the New Orleans inspired “The Last Drop” sticks out like a sore thumb, its jaunty clarinet stylings somewhat out of step with the remainder of the album.

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