Tammy Wynette – I Still Believe In Fairy Tales + Til I Can Make It On My Ow (2016)

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Tammy Wynette : 5th May 1942 – 6th April 1998 Known as The First Lady of Country Music. Two classic albums from 1975 and 1976. The title tracks of both albums were released as singles. ‘


1. I Still Believe in Fairy Tales
2. I Did My Best (to Fall in Love Last Night)
3. Brown Paper Bag
4. I Just Had You on My Mind
5. Dallas
6. I’ll Take What You Can Give Me (When You Can)
7. I’m Nt a Has Been (I Just Never Was)
8. The Man from the Bowling Green
9. The Bottle
10. Your Memory’s Gone to Rest
11. ’til I Can Make It on My Own
12. Just in Case
13. He’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory
14. The World’s Most Broken Heart
15. If I Could Only Win Your Love
16. The Heart
17. You Can Be Replaced
18. Love Is Something Good for Everybody
19. Where Some Good Love Has Been
20. Easy Come, Easy Go

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