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Tom Russell – October in the Railroad Earth (2019)

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Tom Russell – Heart On A Sleeve (1986/2013)

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Tom Russell – Old Songs Yet To Sing (2018)

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Tom Russell – Folk Hotel (2017)

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Tom Russell – Play One More: The Songs Of Ian & Sylvia (2017)

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Tom Russell – The Rose Of Roscrae (2015)

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Tom Russell – Midway to Bayamon: Lost Tapes 1985-1987 (2014)

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Tom Russell – Road to Bayamon (1988)

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Good luck trying to pigeonhole Tom Russell based on the fine Road to Bayamon, which manages to sound cohesive while wandering all over the musical map. “Home Before Dark,” one of several numbers here that he later re-recorded with country-soul singer Barrence Whitfield, is a radio-ready rocker, with a great hook and prominent guitar; the […]

Tom Russell – Blood & Candle Smoke (2009)

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With a career stretching back nearly four decades, and a catalog of more than 20 albums, Tom Russell is already considered one of the great singer/songwriters of our time. But his album, Blood and Candle Smoke, recorded in Tucson with members of the indie-rock band Calexico, takes his work to another level entirely with tremendous […]

Tom Russell – The Man From God Knows Where (1999)

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Tom Russell had been releasing great records for about 25 years by the time he issued this album, but he outdoes himself here. Eight years in the making, The Man from God Knows Where is a song cycle inspired by America’s pioneers and, particularly, Russell’s own immigrant ancestors; but it probably comes at least as […]