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The Trouble With Templeton – Someday, Buddy (2016)

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The Trouble With Templeton – Rookie (2013)

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TROn Rookie, The Trouble With Templeton’s second album, and their first as a bona-fide band, he offers up said musings in a slightly affected, frog-in-the throat delivery. He sells it fairly well, but it grates a little over an entire record. Offsetting this is the musical variation across the record. Rookie is rooted in plink-folk, but The Trouble With Templeton frequently burst out into a strident, wide-screen rock mode (‘Like A Kid’ even goes a bit glam rock), with a nice sideline in twitchy, polyrhythmic indie, if that’s even a thing. They make these seemingly drastic switches by barely perceptible degrees, lending Rookie a sense of flow, and suggesting the band has real craft to go with Calder’s charismatic presence.

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