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Richard Shindell – Discography

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Richard Shindell – Careless (2016)

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Richard Shindell – Reunion Hill (1997)

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In “The Next Best Western,” the opening track of this terrific collection of tunes, life on the road takes its toll both literally and figuratively. The narrator goes so far as to question God’s motives as he rolls along the turnpike: “Did he who made the lamb/Put the tremble in the hand/That reaches out to […]

Richard Shindell – Vuelta (2004)

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For a genre where storytelling and songcraft remain paramount, the implicit pressure on any folk songwriter—particularly one with the longevity of Richard Shindell—is to use the 70-odd minutes of an album to try and carry listeners off on a variety of journeys, both imaginative and emotional. The best usually manage to lead this tour of […]