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Lotte Kestner – Discography

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Lotte Kestner – Off White (2017)

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Lotte Kestner – Best-of: Requested Cover Songs (2015)

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Lotte Kestner – Until (2013)

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All of the songs on the album are originals and have never been released before. A few of them almost ended up on The Bluebird of Happiness. A few of them were originally intended to be Trespassers William songs. (One features Matt and Jake from Trespassers.) The song in the video here is one of […]

Lotte Kestner – Bluebird Of Happiness (2013)

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Lotte Kestner is the solo project of Trespassers William vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams. The Bluebird Of Happiness was recorded over the course of a year by Williams in a handful of bedrooms, as she transported her home studio from a number of locations around Seattle and nearby island Vashon. While retaining the delicate, intimate sound of […]