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Lia Rose – Conspire (2012)

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lLia Rose – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Avi Vinocur – Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Choir, Harmonies on ‘Myself for to Blame’
Tim Marcus – Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Organ, Choir
Jon Kirchner – Double Bass, Electric Bass, Choir
Andrew Laubacher – Drums, Percussion, Choir
Lindsay Garfield – Harmonies on ‘Myself for to Blame’, Choir
kelly mcfarling – Banjo, Harmonies on ‘The Wanted Love’, ‘Weeping Willow’, ‘Where Highways Used to Be’, Choir
Patrick Dryer Wolf – Piano, Choir
David Luning – Harmonies on ‘The Last Mountain’
Thor Dickey – Choir

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Lia Rose – When You Need Me Most (2011)

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liThe instrumentals and vocals featured on Lia Rose’s album When You Need Me Most each possess a quiet strength.  The two work together, one never overshadowing the other, making this a successful solo effort for the California indie singer/songwriter.
Each track has its strengths, but the two songs that stand out are “Lovely Like You” and “An Innocent Man.” “Lovely Like You” begins with drums, quickly adding keys and Rose’s tranquil voice. Aside from the vocals, the highlight of this track is the spectacular cello accompaniment by Michael Fecskes. The combination of vocals and cello throughout the track and album gives the record a relaxed feel.
“An Innocent Man” has a similar structure, this time beginning with a subdued vibraphone leading into Rose’s vocals and Fecskes’s cello. But the repetition of structure in no way detracts from the quality of the song. On this track, all the sounds have a more airy quality, giving the track a haunting melody. It’s a stunning example of Rose’s ability to mix-up her sound while retaining a consistency in the soothing blend of vocals and instrumentation.

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Lia Rose – Bricks & Bones (2013)

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Bay Area country-folk artist Lia Rose is a ball of sunshine both on stage and off. But if you listened to her songs, you’d know it’s not because life’s been easy, it’s just that she’s chosen to face its struggles head on, chin up. Rose played the Great American Music Hall with Blame Sally in […]