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Emmylou Harris – Hickory Wind (2012)

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Emmylou Harris – FM Broadcast: Live (2014)

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Emmylou Harris – Live In 1978 (With The Hot Band & Ricky Skaggs) (2013)

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Emmylou Harris – Elite Hotel (1975)

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Released in December 1975, just a few months after PIECES OF THE SKY, Emmylou Harris’s ELITE HOTEL is already a first achievement in her career. Twelve songs, twelve little musical pearls. One would never repeat enough that half of the success of a singer depends on the members of the band playing in the recording. […]

Emmylou Harris – Brand New Dance (1990)

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In 1990, Emmylou Harris’ run of superb mid-’70s albums was over, and she hadn’t yet assembled the Nash Ramblers, the acoustic band that gave her music a heady kick-start prior to her first striking collaboration with Daniel Lanois, Wrecking Ball. As a result, Brand New Dance captures Harris at the end of one cycle and […]

Emmylou Harris – Bluebird (1990)

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Bluebird was an Emmylou Harris album from 1989, which merged a number of eclectic songs (including work by the McGarrigle Sisters, Tom Rush and Rodney Crowell) with polished, country music production. It included her most recent top-ten country-charting single, “Heartbreak Hill”. The album enjoyed renewed interest in 2004 when The Sopranos introduced its fifth season […]

Emmylou Harris – Luxury Liner -1977 (2004)

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1977′s Luxury Liner is the third offering in Emmylou Harris’ discography, excluding 1970′s Gliding Bird. Like its two predecessors, it is an eclectic mix of country and rock-and-roll, relying a little more heavily on cover material than her earlier albums had done. Produced by Brian Ahern and backed by her superb Hot Band, Emmylou pays […]

Emmylou Harris – Light Of The Stable [Original recording remastered] (2004)

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Light of the Stable debuted in 1979, with a title track featuring backing vocals from Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton. The sublime Rodney Crowell-penned “Angel Eyes,” composed specially for this album, features Rick Skaggs on mandolin and Skaggs and Willie Nelson on vocal harmony, and is just one of many highlights. This radiant […]