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Dave Van Ronk – Discography

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Dave Van Ronk – Folksinger [Remastered Edition] (2021)

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Dave Van Ronk – Inside Dave Van Ronk (1989)

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Dave Van Ronk – Down in Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection [3CD Box Set] (2013)

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Dave Van Ronk – Sweet & Lowdown (2001)

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Dave Van Ronk – …And the Tin Pan Bended and the Story Ended… (2004)

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Dave Van Ronk – The Dave Van Ronk Collection 1958-62 (2018)

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Dave Van Ronk – Live at Sir George Williams University (RSD 2018)

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Dave Van Ronk – Sunday Street (1976)

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Dave Van Ronk – Down on Washington Square [Box Set] (2013)

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mp3 320 kbps  | 404 MB | UL | TB | Called “The Mayor of MacDougal Street,” Dave Van Ronk (1936-2002) was a leading figure in the Greenwich Village music scene for more than four decades. He epitomized the urban “folksinger”— apprenticing through immersion in the music revival’s New York City epicenter of Washington Square […]

Dave Van Ronk – Somebody Else, Not Me (1999)

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Originally released in the late 1970s, this album was a follow-up to Sunday Street, an album on which Dave Van Ronk had abandoned any attempts to accommodate contemporary popular music and returned to an acoustic context and a repertoire of blues and jazz standards. He did much the same thing here, including material by Jelly […]

Dave Van Ronk – Two Sides Of (2002)

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This two-on-one single-CD pairing of sessions from 1963 and 1981 isn’t the most logical chronological mating, but Van Ronk’s style was consistent enough throughout his career that it’s not jarring, though neither album is among his very best. The first half of the disc is devoted to the whole of the 1963 In the Tradition […]

Dave Van Ronk – No Dirty Names [1966] (2012)

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If you asked your average music fan about the legacy of Dave Van Ronk, chances are they might know him best for his historical importance as a sort of beloved uncle on the New York folk scene in the ’60s, where he mentored Bob Dylan among many others. That view might be accurate but it […]

Dave Van Ronk – Folksinger (1967)

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Many die-hard folkys consider Dave Van Ronk in a class apart from his contemporaries — such as Bob Dylan, Eric Von Schmidt, or Jean Ritchie. Likewise, when asked to pick their favorite of his recordings, Dave Van Ronk, Folksinger is likely among the first mentioned. The original LP features a baker’s dozen of Van Ronk’s […]